Fibretek specializes in the manufacture of finished and non-finished pultruded and related products. In our effort to consistently offer quality service, value for money and customised designs and solutions we maintain an effective organization in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and partners through the use of technology and skills development.

Fibretek, situated in Bellville, produce high quality, high fibre polymer products, such as FRP or GRP composites, and dimensionally stable structural profiles which are used to fabricate and manufacture finished products.

Fibretek's services also include fabrication, installation, consultation, site supervision and inspection. Our products have a high corrosion resistance, are high in strength and weight ration, low electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, low maintenance and low life cycle costs.


Fibretek warrants that the goods delivered and or specifications applied in terms of this agreement will comply with our standard conditions of sale. Other than that it is expertly recorded that no warranties or representations in respect of the goods have been given or made by Fibretek or to the Purchaser or its representative(s). To this end it is further noted that any recommendation, specification, statement or suggestion relating to the use of the goods supplied by Fibretek to the Purchaser and made by or on behalf of Fibretek either in technical literature or in response to a specific enquiry or otherwise, is given in good faith, but it is the duty of the Purchaser to satisfy himself on the suitability of the goods for his own particular purpose, even though that purpose may be specified and any implied warranty is specifically excluded.

Liabilities of Fibretek for breach of the warranty regarding compliance with specification is furthermore expressly limited to the replacement of such goods known to be defective or, at the option of Fibretek reimbursement of the purchase price received by Fibretek for such defective goods against delivery of such goods to Fibretek, provided such breach and/or non-compliance is reported, in writing to Fibretek within 3 weeks of the date of delivery.

TUVRheinland certified

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