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GRP Handrails

GRP Handrails

The GRP handrail system is an attractive, robust hand railing system suitable for industrial or architectural applications.

Standard system
Custom system

Two options are available:

  • Prefabricated hand rail panels custom made according to either the customer's drawings or our own site measurements.  Complete manufacturing drawings are available on request.
  • A standard system consisting or predrilled stanchions with lenghts of railing and fittings for the customer to assemble as required.

Standard System

  • A square stanchion is used with round tubing as railing.
  • The railing is puched through the predrilled stanchions.
  • All tubing ends in a stanchion therefore no closures or any other fittings are required.

Custom Made System

  • The custom made panels are prefabricated with square hollow sections for both the stanchions and railing.
  • The stanchions are pushed through the railing.
  • The panels are ended off using GRP closures protruding beyond the end stanchions.
  • Bends and slopes are created using GRP inserts.

For both systems the stanchions can be installed in various ways including:

  • Side mounted by bolting it onto main structure.
  • Top mounted using a GRP or Stainless steel foot piece.
  • Cast into concrete using a pocket mechanism.

Design considerations

  • The handrails is designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Labour.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Section 1910.23.
  • Normal height of the top rail is 1100mm on a horizontal level.
  • Nomal height of the top rail is 900mm above pitch line on staircases.
  • A detailed Fibretek Specification for GRP han rail is available on request.
Handrail Tube Specification [29Kb]
Handrail Box Specification [28Kb]
GRP Handrail System [3334Kb]
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