The basic ladder consists of GRP stringers, rungs and a safety cage.  The side member stringers are constructed from a GRP channel section which offers increased lateral stiffness over a flat profile.  The rung is a flat topped GRP "D" shaped section, deeply ribbed to provide a firm foot grip.  If required a non-slip coating can be applied to the rung upper surface to provide even better grip.  The rung/ stringer connection is made with the use of a tapered DMC moulded plug system with high strength adhesive and mechanical fasteners (if required).

Design Consideration

Fibretek cat ladders are tailor made in order to simplify installation.  If required, manufacturing drawings indicating erection sequence can be submitted for customer approval.  Ladder section lenghts are restricted to 6.0 meters.  Where longer ladder sections are required, sections are easily spliced together.

Rest Platforms

Rest platforms should be provided at intervals not exceeding 9.0m (or as specified).  Rest platforms made from GRP are available from Fibretek.

Safety Cages

Ladders exceeding 2-3m in length should be fitted with a safety cage.  The Fibretek safety cage is constructed by attaching GRP moulded hoops to vertical GRP channels, using stainless steel 316 fasteners.  In order to reduce shipping volumes, cages are dispatched in disassembled form.

A detailed Fibretek specification for GRP cat ladders is available on request.


GRP Cat Ladders

The GRP cat ladder is designed to provide permanent access with safety even in the most difficult environmental conditions.  It is a direct replacement or an alternative to conventional steel ladders and the competitive price extends the potential use outside of corrosive areas.

Cat Ladder Specification [27Kb]