GRP Cable Ladder

GRP Cable Ladder

The Fibretek fibreglass cable ladders are manufactured with high quality resins reinforced with glassfibre.  UV inhibitors in the resin provide protection against UV.  A synthetic surface veil is incorporated for added corrosion protection.


The cable ladder is constructed using a 75mm x 5mm E rail and a 25mm square rung.  Spacing between rungs is 300mm.

Class Designation

The Fibretek cable ladders conform to the internationally recognized NEMA FG1 standard, with a load capacity of 75kg/lineal metre and maximum recommended span of 3.5 metre.


The cable ladders are available in 3m lenghts complete with splice plate utilizing stailess steel or plastic.


  • 90° Bends ( horizontal and vertical )
  • 45° Bends
  • T‘s
  • Reducing T’s
  • 4 Ways
  • Reducers
Cable Ladder Specification [35Kb]