Fibreglass Grating (FRP/GRP)

Fibreglass Grating (FRP/GRP)

In aggressive and corrosive environments, you need a tough performing grating, which can withstand attack and take any weight that the workload may bring - year in, year out. Fibreglass grating is ideally suited for:  Flooring, walkways and decking areas when corrosive environments need to offer superior load bearing as well as corrosion resistance.

Molded Grating excels on various levels.  You'll be assured of chemical and corrosion resistance, due to the premium grade resin, with mixed-in UV inhibitors and a resin rich surfacing tissue with sufficient glass fibre reinforcement to withstand the required force/ load.

Fibretek offers two types of GRP grating:

  • Pultruded grating
  • Moulded grating

Fibretek Pultruded Grating is produced with a glass fibre reinforcement content of approximately 70% by weight giving it strength to weight ratio far exceeding that of steel grating.  The high stiffness of pultruded G.R.P. grating allows maximum deflection to be limited to SPAN / 200 (the same limit as for steel grating).

Fibretek Moulded Grating has a glass content of 50% by weight and is designed for a max deflection of SPAN / 100.


Fibretek GRP Grating is supplied as standard with a tough and hard wearing slip-resistant grit bonded to the surface of the grating panel.  The product can be supplied without grit on request.  Fibreglass grating is available in either iso-polyester, vinyl ester and fire-retardant resin.

Advantages of Pultruded Grating:

  • Designed to take a higher mechanical load than moulded grating.
  • Both fixed and exact custom made panel sizes are available.
  • No waste with installation.

Advantages of Moulded Grating:

  • Easier installation where cut outs are required for piping etc.
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Excellent for forklift traffic
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