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  • Fibreglass Grating (FRP/GRP)

    Fibreglass Grating (FRP/GRP)

    In aggressive and corrosive environments, you need a tough performing grating, which can withstand attack and take any weight that the workload may bring - year in, year out. Fibreglass grating is ideally suited for:  Flooring, walkways and decking areas when corrosive environments need to offer superior load bearing as well as corrosion resistance.

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  • GRP Cable Ladder

    GRP Cable Ladder

    The Fibretek fibreglass cable ladders are manufactured with high quality resins reinforced with glassfibre.  UV inhibitors in the resin provide protection against UV.  A synthetic surface veil is incorporated for added corrosion protection.

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  • GRP Cat Ladders

    GRP Cat Ladders

    The GRP cat ladder is designed to provide permanent access with safety even in the most difficult environmental conditions.  It is a direct replacement or an alternative to conventional steel ladders and the competitive price extends the potential use outside of corrosive areas.

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  • GRP Handrails

    GRP Handrails

    The GRP handrail system is an attractive, robust hand railing system suitable for industrial or architectural applications.

    Standard system
    Custom stystem

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  • Pultruded Profiles

    Pultruded Profiles

    Fibretek Pultruded Grating loading capacity provides a uniformly distributed load at different span widths.

    Higher loads can be carried depending on the deflections allowed.

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