GRP Skins & Moulded Products

GRP Skins & Moulded Products

We specialise in the manufacturing, design and development of glass fibre products for the transport, marine, leisure and structural industries. Our vast experience in the industry has equipped us to run many turn key projects.

With our competent group of staff we are well equipped to tackle any project at all levels.

Mould manufacturing

  • For in-house use
  • MDF CNC routered plug where required

Glass fibre skins:

  • 2-12mm
  • Layup as per requirement
  • Gloss gel-coat finish
  • Max size 3m x 18m

Sandwich panels (Vacuumed):

  • PU core
  • Polystyrene core
  • Wooden core
  • Naidacore core
  • Z-core core

Hand laminate molded products:

  • Motorhomes
  • Horsebox panels
  • Fan casings etc.

Infused moulded products:

  • Foam insulated products

Chopper gun moulded products:

  • Road tanker end caps
  • Fan casing

Current projects:

  • High strength insulating core material.
  • Panels for trench covers to carry vehicle loads in the mining environment.
  • Cold-body and dryfreight-body panels for the trucking industry.
  • Road tanker end domes.
  • Motorhome panels, bumpers and other fittings.
  • Polystyrene sandwich panels for mobile ablutions units.
  • GRP skins for trailer roofs.